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What could be more festive than four large men dressed as lumberjacks wielding high powered chainsaws and precision cutting tools in Downtown Atlanta?  Although it may seem like just another movie being filmed in the city, it was actually Winterfest 2019 at Peachtree Center.

When your client starts the planning meeting saying they are looking for a “Wow”, the creative juices get flowing.  Our team decided that a live ice carving competition for the tenants of Peachtree Center to witness, and judge, would take care of the “Wow”.

Our first challenge was getting the equipment and roughly 27,000 pounds of ice into Peachtree Center, a notoriously road locked location with no easy loading dock.  Our logistics team tackled this challenge and came up with a system for transporting all the necessary equipment without blocking traffic. Once onsite, our team began building four 20 x 20 tents to cover the competitors from the elements and allow them a space to work.  They quickly ran multiple power lines for the competitors’ equipment, as well as erected safety barriers for all propane torches and cutting tools…

lbs. of Ice


Servings of Chili

Professional Ice Carvers

More Details:

…  With limited space, we created multiple viewing points and photo ops around the sculptures as they were being created. 

Unable to get a good view of the sculptures?  Guests occupied their time with an interactive selfie station with a six foot ice carved Peachtree Center logo as the backdrop.  They eagerly waited in line, cup of delicious chili in hand, dancing to the festive music pumped out by our Emcee.

As the competitors neared completion of their creation, our Emcee interviewed each competitor to get some background on their creation and some insight to their inspiration.  Tenants were allowed one more pass around to make their entrees to our Emcee for a final winner.  By an overwhelming majority, the 7 ½’ sculpture of an angel playing the trumpet was the winner!

In the end, the competition drew over 5000 people to Peachtree Center including live news crews from Channel 2.  If you are the creative type, or you are like me and struggle with stick figures, it was a spectacle not often seen in Winter in Atlanta.

Venue: Office Park

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