Spring FlinG

Employee Appreciation

When you meet with your client and they tell you that they typically do this event themselves, you are usually in for a challenge to exceed expectations. Especially when they wax nostalgic about the hill full of Easter eggs during your site visit. Where most teams would be concerned, our team says “challenge accepted” to make it bigger and better!


Easter Eggs

Real Live Bunny

Easter Bunny

Enter 12,000 individual Easter eggs for our team to hide throughout the sprawling event site. Divided into two areas, one for 3 and under and one for everyone else, the ground looked like a large Twister Game mat with all the colorful eggs spread out. Hundreds of candy seeking children descended upon the site scooping up as many eggs as they could hold in their baskets. No one left disappointed, including the random adult seeking a mini snicker before lunch.

Spring is all about bright colors and the excitement of better weather. Despite pouring rain the night before, the sun came out in full, illuminating the multitude of decorative rabbits, flowers and blow-up Easter attractions adorned throughout the space. Adding to the color was our life size Hungry Hungry Hippos game that had a line circled around it of kids waiting to try their luck at gathering as many balls as they could. For those that did not want to wait, they bided their time on the giant Tree House Slide, or tried their luck to win a stuffed bunny at one of the many carnival games.

Spring is also about random showers, and the weather did not disappoint dropping another round of rain on us towards the end of the event. Rather than become discouraged, guests flooded the bingo tent and tried their luck at one of the few remaining prizes. Never has such a raucous game of bingo taken place to secure an Air Fryer! When the sun finally came out to shine one more time at the end of the event, final pictures were taken with the Easter Bunny or the live Llamas, and it was time to say goodbye. A successful Spring Fling to usher in an amazing year to come!

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