I bet your son or daughter did something funny today. Don’t have kids? Maybe you have a dog or cat that made you laugh. Or perhaps you got together with a friend and had a moment you thought was amusing. Tell me about it. Tell the person next to you about it. And then ask them to share a funny story with you. Or a heartwarming story. And then when the story is over, remember that’s what life is about. Finding the good times in the midst of challenge and using that to build to the next good time and the next. Every turn we take right now is met with news of the virus and the economic impact it is creating. Change the narrative. Change the mindset, if even for a brief moment, because those brief moments will add up and we will come out stronger together!

We are in the event business, which by definition urges the gathering of large groups in the pursuit of a memorable experience. That definition is certainly counter intuitive to what is taking place in the world today, so we understand the diminished appetite for event planning. What has made Corporate Events Unlimited unique in the event planning industry is our focus on relationships over volume. In building these relationships, we feel we have become part of your extended family, so we want to be the helpful resource you deserve. You may be thinking of cancelling your event plans for 2020, and we can certainly understand your reasoning. We will support whatever decision you make, but as your trusted partner we encourage you to speak to us first. Let’s work through your options. Can we create a different type of event? Can you push your event to a date in the summer or fall? Your goal when creating your event was to show a group of people appreciation for being a part of your organization. When the dust settles and the world is ready to collectively move forward to better times, the need for these types of events will have never been more important. Showing everyone your appreciation by creating a memorable experience will go a long way to erasing the terrible memory of a world crippled by the coronavirus. Whether it’s your employees, your tenants or your industry colleagues, they will welcome the opportunity to celebrate together, in one strong voice, and show the world they have endured and it’s time to return to better days!

In the meantime, we know many of you, and your colleagues, will be at home for the next two plus weeks. Some may be with their children working on home school activities. You may be looking for ways to interact with your co-workers, or you may be looking for non-school related activities to do with your children. We thought we would provide some ideas for you to consider to fight boredom, and keep your spirits high!

Remote Team Building

If you and your team are working via video conference these days, here are a couple games from our Minute to Win It catalog you can play to lighten the mood and keep everyone engaged:

  • Take some M&M’s or Skittles you have in the house. Each person pours out 10 M&M’s or Skittles on to the table in front of them. Using a straw, you have to suck on the straw to pick up the M&M’s or Skittles and transfer them from the table to a cup. First one to get all of them into the cup wins.
  • Take a cookie and place it on your forehead. Each person must move the cookie from their forehead to their mouth. First one to do it wins.
  • Got some cotton balls in the house? Place a dab of Vaseline on your nose and then each person must transfer five cotton balls from the table to a serving bowl. The first person to transfer all five wins.

Thursday March 19th is National Let’s Laugh Day. Have each member of your team tell a joke and then judge the funniest joke to see who wins.

The great part of the team building will be the awarding of gift cards when you all see each other. You can make an event out of it. Bring in some snacks, some drinks and maybe some entertainment and call it the Post Lockdown Award Ceremony. The point is to get people interacting again and resume the greatness of life and team!

Staying Fit and Healthy

Is your local gym closed? Here are some workouts you can do at home to keep you and your family in great shape.

Workout #1

Workout #2

Fun With Your Kids

Worried that your kids will be doing a lot of “bored eating” at home? Let’s make it healthy! Create your own trail mix with some nuts, raisins, sunflower seeds and mini candies. Or you could make some frozen yogurt pops courtesy of Betty Crocker.

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th, so don’t let the coronavirus ruin an opportunity to celebrate with your children. Perhaps make some St. Patrick’s Day snacks.

Carve out some time and have the kids go on a scavenger hunt around the house. Ask them to bring back an item for each color of the rainbow to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Are you one of the people that stocked up on toilet paper? If you can spare a couple rolls, have some fun with it and see how much your kids can cover you in toilet paper by wrapping it around your body. Set a timer for one minute to make it more fun and exciting.

Have some eggs in the fridge? Take out one egg for each child and place it on the floor. Find a piece of cardboard from an old pizza box or equivalent. When you say go, the kids need to fan the egg to get it to move from point A to point B. Have a small prize for the winner.

My favorite ideas? Go for a walk. Read a book together. Play with the family pet. Engage. Laugh. Create memories. Wake up tomorrow and do it again. It’s easy to be depressed and feel defeated. That takes zero effort. But that’s not worthy of you or us in this world. Be happy if for no other reason than it will make the person next to you happy.

Need some more ideas? Give us a call at 770-405-0650 or email Brian Dalphonse at briand@corpevents.com. We will share some great ideas with you to get us over the hump.

We will see you soon and look forward to creating a memorable experience for you and your organization!