Covid-19 Support

We are deeply focused on keeping our employees, clients and vendors safe while attending a Corporate Events Unlimited produced event. We continue to navigate the current situation and have taken proactive steps as outlined in the Safe Event Playbook. There are a great many health and safety precautions already taken when producing an event, but given the current environment, we felt it necessary to implement new protocols that we wish to publish and make available. The intention of this document is to give the reader the peace of mind that as your event provider, we are committed to keeping you safe while creating a memorable experience for everyone.


The cornerstone of the document are the steps we are taking to protect you and your guests from all forms of viruses, most importantly Covid-19. Covid-19 is not airborne, which means you are very unlikely to get it from breathing air at events. We will properly train our staff on the importance of good hygiene. We will reinforce training on preventative cleaning measures. Most noticeably, we will increase the availability of disinfectant and hand washing areas at all events.


This has been a difficult time for members of every organization around the globe. The importance of celebrating one another, celebrating together, has never been greater. We recognize the need for celebration will have to be tempered by the need to give comfort to those who wish to attend the celebration. As has always been the case, we are your partner and a member of your organization, and by publishing the Safe Event Playbook we hope to work with you on this important endeavor.