Trust: The Overlooked Ingredient to a Successful Culture

When I was 30 years old, I was given the task of chairing the negotiating committee for my organization.  I suspect this was mostly an honorary title, since my boss was also on the team and sent me into battle with the inspiring speech, “I’ll be right there to make sure you don’t burn the…

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How Disney Controls the Weather and You Can Too

My first trip to Disney World took place when I was 36 years old.  My ex-wife, along with her parents, celebrated my daughter’s fourth birthday with a family vacation.  It was a brutally hot day, and as it’s prone to do in Florida, storms threatened.  Finally, the sky’s opened up and we joined the masses…

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Showing Your Employees Appreciation

I recently connected with an old friend, and during the inevitable “I barely remember you” small talk portion of our reunion, the topic turned to our current occupations.  When I explained to him that I was in the business of creating events for organizations to help them build a stronger company culture, I could almost…

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