The company holiday party is back.

Happy Holidays? That’s right, just when you think you’ve survived another holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about the next. Really? Yes, really. In fact, if you haven’t already booked your venue for this year’s company holiday party, you might be behind the curve.

Book now. With only three available weekends in the most popular month to celebrate, December dates at the best venues are snatched up quickly. As in January and February kind of quickly. But don’t fret, March and April aren’t too late to land a sweet space, although you may have to compromise on the day of the week.

For some, weekdays are more preferable and can even mean reduced rates for an off-peak time.

And speaking of timing, don’t feel confined to December. Many companies are discovering that a celebration in November or “kickoff” in January kickoff helps take the edge off some of the hectic holiday stress. It becomes more about appreciation of employees than being in conjunction with religious observances.

Choose wisely. In the wake of the recent recession and downsizing, many companies have forgone the holiday party for fear of appearing frivolous or extravagant. But step back and remember two things:

  1. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top.
  2. Appreciating your employees goes a long way for increasing the bottom line.

And while you can absolutely go with the elaborate production route, you can also opt for a holiday breakfast, dessert social or family-style luncheon. From utilizing your office space or finding that perfect location, venues can be transformed to accommodate your goals.

Another consideration is a philanthropic event. Bring together your employees to work side-by-side on a project that benefits those in need, then treat them to a lunch, social or interactive event where they can sit back and relax. Trust us, the reward of giving back will go a long way in creating a feel-good for everyone. Consider:

  1. Building bikes to donate to children’s homes.
  2. Creating family care packages for families in need.
  3. Assembling comforting items such as stuffed animals, blankets or a combination of items for kids, families or both.

While there are many options to consider, the most important thing is to start planning now. You’ll be doing yourself a favor. And if you really want to do yourself and your company a favor, turn the trusted experts at Corporate Events Unlimited to take care of it all……venue, catering, entertainment, theme….you name it. You didn’t think we were going to let you go without mentioning the most important component, did you?

And hey, if you need help with your company picnic, fall festival, team building or any event year round, we’re here for you too.

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