Julie Huff

Account Executive

Julie is an energetic, friendly professional with a serious sweet-tooth (just ask the fudge shop where she got her first job) and an eye for gorgeous design.

Born and raised in here in Atlanta, Julie attended Lakeside High School and Georgia State. In her spare time (ha!), she loves making jewelry and connecting with friends.

Julie excels at creating unforgettable events from start to finish, and her eclectic life has molded her into the talented corporate events planner she is. Her experiences as an interior designer, corporate sales director, mother, and membership director have made her organized, caring, and efficient. Her great sense of humor and boundless energy make her a pleasure to work with. Trust us!

When asked what object she would like to be at an event, Julie said, “Lighting…so I can shine.” We think Julie shines already. And she’ll make you—and your event—shine, too.

Favorite Quote

"Happiness is the ability to adjust to Plan B."


Biggest Pet Peeve

Mean people

Top 3 Ingredients for a Successful Event

  • Listening to the End Client
  • Strong Support Team Behind the Scenes
  • And Strong Onsite Production Team