Hudson Canzius

Hudson joined the CEU team just over five years ago and hasn’t looked back. He was drawn to the company simply because it looked fun and exciting, which is exactly what it’s proven to be.

An invaluable part of the production team, Hudson is Mr. Calm-Under-Fire. Whether he’s working his magic onsite with his electrical prowess on uncooperative equipment, expertly operating the Log Slammer inflatable to the delight of kids and adults alike (who secretly request that he “not take it easy” on friends and siblings) or working an event through to completion while his wife is in labor (he not only worked the event and worked out some onsite surprises, he also made it in time for the birth of his second beautiful daughter). Needless to say, he’s not easily phased.

Hudson’s known to everyone as being able to fix things and likely if anyone published a biography on him, Fix-It 101 would be a most appropriate title.

When asked about his favorite event, he jokingly replies “a finished one!” But seriously, he enjoys socials of all kinds – dessert, breakfast, lunch, ice cream….you name it – it’s the smiles on people’s faces that doing. After all, good food is always a nice treat during a hectic workday. And team building – seeing the bonds people form while having fun is magic.


Warehouse Associate

Most memorable event?

Chick-fil-A Bowl the first time we used the zip line indoors - scary and fun all at the same time!