Heather Higdon

Event Production Manager

Growing up in Clearwater, FL and graduating from Georgia Southern University, this Account Manager believes in strong communication and thorough planning.  Heather makes no bones about being a diligent, multi-tasker with strength in foresight for plan “A” and the backup of necessity plan “B.” Budget-conscience and task-determined, Heather loves being an active participant in what an event  “becomes.”

Heather embraces the opportunity and creative challenges of new business by introducing herself and Corporate Events Unlimited to new markets and experiences. Once dialogue is established, hold on to your party hats, she is quite the planner!

Given an opportunity to be an inanimate object at one of her events, Heather quickly noted, “I’d like to be the lighting, it allows the event to shine!”

Proudest Personal Accomplishment

At Georgia Southern, I won an award for Employee of the Year for the Campus Recreation Department. I was selected over 200+ student employees.

Proudest Professional Accomplishment

Winning Three (3) Allie Awards for the Turner Broadcasting Event the first year


Watching movies, reading books, working out, eating Mexican Food, and enjoying time with my husband and my four-legged kids

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

“Dear God, What Were You Thinking?”