It’s Not Too Late!

Have the summer months swept you away before you’ve even had a chance to start planning this year’s company holiday party? Whether you’re looking for an exclusive venue, out-of-the-box celebration or simply a warm, family-friendly gathering for the entire office, it’s not too late. With a little creativity, flexibility and ingenuity, your perfect holiday celebration awaits.


Night on the Town.

Think it’s too late to secure an exclusive venue for an evening soirée ? Adjust your thinking and you’ll be surprised at the options. Instead of trying to secure that coveted Friday or Saturday night, consider a weeknight excursion. Not only will you have better luck securing a venue, you may even realize savings by going with a less in-demand weeknight. And your employees will not only appreciate the evening out, it will also free up their weekend nights for other holiday obligations.


Onsite Gathering.

One of the best venues around is literally right under your feet. With a little event “magic” from the pros, your office headquarters can undergo a festive transformation for the perfect intimate family gathering, complete with holiday characters, food and entertainment.

And the benefits of an onsite holiday party? Take note:

  • Flexibility. You choose the date; you choose the time; you choose the avenue. No advance reservations required. 7pm on a Saturday night? Not a problem. Mid-day dessert social or luncheon? Name your hour. Rise & Shine gourmet breakfast complete with full cappuccino bar, specialty coffees and fresh squeezed juices? Done. Not only will you not have to battle it out over offsite reservations, you open up your options (breakfast, lunch, dinner, social hour) even more.
  • Budget-friendly. What better way to spend your dollars wisely than to eliminate unnecessary facility rental fees. Dollars saved can be invested back into the overall experience via food, décor, entertainment or other details. It’s a win/win on all fronts.
  • Time. Your time is valuable and by saving yourself numerous site visits, you can work with your event specialist without ever leaving the office.


Give-Back Event.

Consider a celebration that reaches beyond the company walls. By hosting a philanthropic-focused event, you’ll bring your employees together not only for fellowship, camaraderie and appreciation, but as a community. The options are plentiful:

  • Bike Build – Build bikes for youngsters that have never had a bicycle of their own by partnering with the Salvation Army, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta or other organization providing bikes/toys for children in need.
  • Build-A-Bear – Bring comfort to small children in times of need with the love of cuddly stuffed animals distributed to local children’s hospitals.
  • Blankets of Love – Provide warmth for those without by handcrafting fleece blankets to be distributed to local homeless shelters.
  • Sharing is Caring – Show support for our troops by assembling much-appreciated care packages.
  • Doggy Bag – Help local furry, four-legged animals in need by assembling “doggy bags” for the Humane Society.
  • Wagon Building – Build wagons to help supply the basic needs that not everyone is fortunate to have. Non-perishable foods, baby supplies and hygiene products are loaded into wagons for distribution to those in need.
  • Custom Events – If your company has an organization it supports throughout the year, we can even create a custom give-back to fulfill their unique needs.

So no matter how you are looking to celebrate your employees this holiday season, it’s not too late if you start planning now. And the event professionals at Corporate Events Unlimited can provide you not only with a memorable event experience, but peace of mind by taking care of all the details for you. Contact us to find out how we can help you create an unforgettable holiday experience for your employees.

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